Lunges for Beginners (and, you know… everyone!)

Lunges are one of the most foundational exercises that exist in fitness and weightlifting, and for a good reason! They not only work every single big muscle in your entire lower body, but they also add a killer stability challenge. The split-leg position forces all of your stabilizing muscles to work hard to maintain smooth and steady movements, meaning you’ll gain functional strength that translates to real life movements and athleticism much more than most gym exercises. Another great benefit of lunges is that you don’t need heavy weights to get an amazing workout. Even with just your bodyweight, you can get a great workout, and there are endless variations you can explore once you’ve mastered the fundamentals. So… go get ’em!

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Hey Athanasios, happy new year! Yeah, I like this variation for sure, and he shows super solid technique and form. I like the toe-tap hack to make sure you’re properly placed for a deep lunge like this, and the knee position in front is particularly important (and well done here). Totally approve!

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